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The game Injustice: Gods Among Us , made by Warner Bros. Entertainment, has been on the top of the Games category for long time. With no doubts this game has attracted many players and has become well know by the users. The average rating of 4.5 with 667929 votes clearly shows it’s success, considering that it was first released on April 3, 2013.

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Here you can download a WORKING cheat tool for Injustice: Gods Among Us , this can be downloaded directly from our site. This works for all versions so far and was tested on1.21 . Be aware that the current version of Injustice: Gods Among Us is 1.21.


  1. 87 Characters Level 50 Elite VII or 87 Characters Level 1 ELITE Normal
  2. 950,000,000 Power Credits
  3. 950 Alliance Credits
  4. 9,500 Energy
  5. 95,000 Shards each
  6. BatMobile Gear


Working for version:  1.21  ,checked on


1. Download the file 
2. Extract the RAR file
3. Use a file browser of your choice (iFile, DiskAid, iFunBox/iTools) and put all files on
User Applications -> INJUSTICE -> Documents
4. Reboot your device
5. Open INJUSTICE, and press the Cloud icon, then press confirm and hack will be enabled

To Play Online:
(Create a new WBID at, use the information you created to LOG IN the game)


  1. (Not included-Free) iFunbox, iTools, Diskaid or IExplorer: To transfer the downloaded files to your iDevice.
  2. (Not included-Free) Winrar: To extract the downloaded file.


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Game Information

Behold two new Challenge Characters based off DC’s new Batman Ninja movie, Batman Ninja Batman and Batman Ninja Lord Joker! This arch enemy duo brings unique abilities, new team synergies, and powerful gear to Injustice: Gods Among Us. Batman Ninja Batman uses his Kunai Knife to strike down his enemies causing them to Bleed and Batman Ninja Lord Joker tosses his iconic Japanese paper fan then watches it explode! Better yet, Joker’s passive, “Cult of the Demon” powers up his attacks to cause 100% Lifedrain and enemy Lifedrain heals him. Assemble your team now and fight to add these Ninjas characters to your roster.
Build an epic roster of DC super heroes and villains and get ready for battle! INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US is a free-to-play collectible card game where you build a roster of characters, moves, powers, and gear and enter the arena in touch-based 3-on-3 action combat.

5/5: “This game is awesome you will not be disappointed.”
5/5: “This game is amazing it's got everything. It makes you think. It's got action mixed with a nice collectable card game. It's a game I just can't put down.”
5/5: “This game keeps getting better! - Every character, every new card, the gears, the new booster packs and online battles! Everything is so fresh, so cool!”
5/5: “Love the game, can’t believe I waited this long to download it”
5/5: “Best game ever.... Even better then Clash of Clans”

Use the touch screen mechanics of your mobile device to battle your enemies in 3-on-3 action combat. Swipe and tap to perform combos and build your power to pull off special attacks and super moves taken straight from the console version of the game.

Build your move set, increase your powers, upgrade your characters and gear, and beat your competition. Constantly evolve your card collection to fit your style of play and put your best team forward as you take on a series of DC super hero and villian combatants.

Take on real opponents in Online Multiplayer Battles. Compete against players worldwide on the leaderboards, and in tournaments filled with awesome rewards. Lead your team to victory!

Collect and play as your favorite DC Comics icons: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Joker, Green Arrow, Flash, Bane, Green Lantern, Doomsday, and many others. With each alternate version of these iconic characters you get a new set of powers and moves, and a whole new fight!

Delivers best-in-class graphics on your phone or tablet, with custom animations for every single super hero and villain. Take the battle to Arkham Asylum, the Batcave, The Watchtower, and other iconic locales from DC Comics, fully rendered in 3D.

Please Note: INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US is free to play, but it contains items that can be purchased for real money.



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