Tuesday, October 23, 2018
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How to Jailbreak your iDevice

Many of our cheats require your Apple device to be Jailbroken. This process is safe and easy to perform. The only issue is that not every version of iOS is Jailbreak-able.

To check out if your device and iOS version are Jailbreakable please visit this site:


Cheat for PUBG MOBILE – No Recoil & Wallhack iOS Hack...

Features – No Gun Recoil -> Super Steady Aim. Very useful to easily kill enemies, especially long range. – No Weapon Spread -> Your shots will shoot in a straight line without spreading and going all over the place! – God’s View -> When prone, you can see & shoot everything as if you were standing up. – Hide Grass* – Hide Wheat* – Hide Rocks* – Hide Trees* *Hide extra game elements so you can spot enemies better. This hides them from a few meters away from you. So that you can see trees and grass closest to you if you plan on prone or using a tree as cover. Here you can download a working cheat tool for PUBG MOBILE , this can be downloaded directly from our site. This works for all versions and was tested on 0.5.0 . Be aware that the current version of PUBG MOBILE is 0.5.0.