Thursday, May 23, 2019

Please visit this page to learn how to download files.

Yes, after purchasing the Cheat you will be given a link on the same page and also via mail (check your spam box). You must click the link to start the download.

However, if after one try you can’t complete the download, we suggest you download it on your PC and email it to yourself, then open it via the Mail app.

As the name implies, No Support doesn’t include any support. But don’t worry, all the instructions are provided in each cheat page and if it’s necessary extra details are sent by email.

On the other hand, Full Support gives you priority access to our HelpDesk and email support.

On each page it’s specified for which version the cheat it’s supposed to work.

We constantly check our cheats, if we encounter any problem we will fix it ASAP. On each page, it’s specified the date of the last check.

Yes, if you recently got your cheat just email us your old file ([email protected]) and we will send you the new version.

Please check the cheat page and look for the “Instructions” section.

Sure, we have 60 days 100% guaranteed, just email us at [email protected]